4Paws Rescue Team Pet Wellbeing,Volunteer News 2021 Message From the President: Barbara Lipson

2021 Message From the President: Barbara Lipson

Welcome to 2021!!

The New Year is starting right where 2020 left off… adoptions are going gang-busters with dozens of cats and kittens finding new homes during the first few weeks of the year.  Good thing– there is never a shortage of cats in need of homes.

Throughout the year, 4Paws constantly gets calls and emails from people who have found stray cats and kittens in their neighborhoods and don’t know what to do.  Here’s what you can tell them:

  • First, try to approach the cat, is it friendly, can you pet it? If you cannot touch the cat then put out food and water to entice the cat to stay in the area.
  • Next take actions to look for the owner.
    • Contact the local shelter and file a “found animal report.”  
    • Post signs (with a photo if possible).
    • Post online such as community sites like Next-door.
  • Continue to provide food and water while trying to gain the cat’s trust.
  • If you can get the cat into a carrier, bring him into your own and set him up in a room/bathroom away from other pets.

If no owner is found then 4Paws can help you find a home for the cat, but you will need to continue caring for the cat in your home.  Contact 4Paws at foster@fourpaws.org or 703-715-6369 for information on next steps. 4Paws will pay for vet care as long as you can continue to care for the cat.

If you cannot get the cat into a carrier, contact 4Paws at info@fourpaws.org or 703-715-6369 to get help trapping the cat.  If the cat is feral, the best thing may be to get the cat neutered, vaccinated and then return him to his outside home.  If you will agree to continue feeding him, 4Paws can pay for the vet services.

Feel free to pass this information along to anyone asking how to help a stray cat in their neighborhood. Thanks for helping 4Paws save feline lives and have a happy New Year!