Spaying and Neutering

4Paws Rescue Team Spaying and Neutering

Spaying and Neutering

Adopter Costs

Most 4Paws cats will be sterilized prior to adoption. If your cat requires spay or neuter prior to adoption, the costs associated with this will be included in the adoption fee. The procedure will be carried out by a trusted veterinary practice.

Why Spay or Neuter

Every year, 10-20 million animals are euthanized in animal shelters and every 1.5 seconds a shelter animal is killed. One female cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 cats in 7 years. The only way to stop the overpopulation crisis is to spay or neuter your pets. It’s a simple, relatively inexpensive, and routine procedure that will result in a healthier and happier pet.


MYTH: Spaying or neutering your pet will cause animal obesity.
FACT: After sterilization surgery your cat will require slightly less food. The major contributor to obesity in pets is feeding a dry food diet. Wet food has
significantly less calories than dry food.

MYTH: I can find homes for all the kittens.
FACT: You might be lucky enough to find homes for all the kittens, but your kittens would be taking those opportunities from other homeless cats. There are only so many loving homes to go around. Additional feline births result in unnecessary deaths and euthanizations.

Spaying Locations

You can visit Spay USA and Love The Cat to find low cost spay and neuter programs by state.

Virginia Organizations

Metro Ferals, Inc. Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland
Fairfax County Animal Shelter Spay/Neuter ProgramFairfax, VA
Spay, Inc. Virginia and DC
Animal League of AlexandriaAlexandria, VA
Fairfax County Animal Shelter Trap/Neuter/Return ProgramFairfax, VA
Potomac Spay Neuter Clinic (Manassas)Northern VA and DC areas
Richmond Loving Spay & Neuter ClinicRichmond, VA
Pets Ltd.Woodbridge, VA
Fredericksburg SPCAFredericksburg, VA

DC Organizations

Alley Cat Allies (For Feral Cats)Adams Morgan
Spay, Inc. DC and Virginia
Humane Rescue AllianceDC area

Maryland Organizations

Spay Spa & Neuter NookDavidson, MD
Spay NowLaurel, MD