Tributes and Memorials

4Paws Rescue Team Tributes and Memorials

Tributes and Memorials

This is a section where we highlight stories and photos of 4Paws pets that have passed away.

Carlito/Caramel (2017-2024)

“We want to sincerely thank all of you for taking care of Carlito/Caramel during his last few months in this world. He was truly loved, and we can’t thank everyone enough for working hard to make him stronger and healthier as we welcomed him into our lives. 

Although our time with him was short, we truly enjoyed the joy that he brought into our lives. We particularly loved his signature purr, truly like a motorboat, and the way his meow would sound when he greeted us from our bedroom door. Carlito/Caramel was truly a very special cat. I do believe, in some funny way, that it was fate that he ended in our hands as he was a cat that Kevin and I truly wanted – a true dog-like cat who just has so much love to give..

To 4Paws, specifically, we are truly in awe of your dedication to your animals. You are truly stellar people – and Kevin and I can’t thank you enough for your dedication to find a potential blood donor for him and to reach out to another emergency hospital when the cancer cells in his body had metastasized. It was unfortunate that his condition deteriorated so quickly, but we are truly so grateful for the dedication you put into him up to his final hour.

We’ll definitely come back to support 4Paws in any way – maybe even find it in our hearts to open up to another cat in the future.” Alya & Kevin

Tesla (2013-2023)

“About a decade ago, we met and fell in love with ‘Alfredo Linguini,’ who we renamed Tesla (after the scientist, not the car).

Sadly, earlier this year he was diagnosed with a nasal tumor. The prognosis was not good, and he passed yesterday.

He was, most certainly, the very best boi. He knew the sound of my car in the driveway and would meet me at the door when I returned from work or shopping. He kept me company when I graded papers or made lesson plans (I teach 6th grade science; in fact, his middle name was given to him by my students: Erlenmeyer). He would run up the stairs ahead of me at bed-time (all the while pretending he wasn’t actually going upstairs because I was). And of course, I couldn’t go to the bathroom without his paws reaching under the door, letting me know he wanted to make sure I was OK. He will be so, so missed.” – Flavia Huber

Pom Pom (2013-2023)

“I recently lost the first cat that I adopted from 4Paws, Pom Pom. He was a beautiful Maine Coon mix that was very shy at first but quickly became a beloved family member.  He loved to visit my mother in her nursing home and Pom loved to say “hello” to the other residents. He was very loving and gentle. Although Pom continued to be somewhat shy, he loved everyone.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Pom had a choking cough that prompted three trips to our vet as well as one trip to an emergency vet. He was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and bronchitis and was given both steroids and antibiotics. After a few days, his condition didn’t improve and he started breathing through his mouth. We went back to our vet and he was given fluids and antibiotics. On his final day, Pom started coughing up blood and passed away on my way back to the vet. His death was a tremendous shock to us.” –Chris Doxey

Millie Cordero (2016-2022)

“She was a beloved kitty in her foster home for the last year. She is missed so much.” – Amy Stanley

Kismet (2012-2022)

From his cat mom, Martha Mishkin:

He was my class mascot during virtual school. He kept me company during the pandemic while I was pregnant and Jasper was working 2 jobs and renovating our new home. He was the best couch-lap cuddler.

Cinderella (2012-2022)

In 2013, Barbara Lipson asked me to “hold onto” Cinderella, a feral cat who had been found in a parking lot in D.C. Originally named “Moby”, Cinderella had been trapped, neutered and released, only to appear again, friendly to humans. A vet amputated Cindy’s mangled tail, and through sheer coincidence, reunited Cindy with her litter of kittens. I planned to keep Cinderella until a permanent home was found, but, after hiding in my basement for several months, Cindy became part of my family. It took Cinderella two years to venture upstairs, and two more to jump on my bed. She nestled up against me every night, after my other cats had gone to sleep. Cinderella was the kindest, most gentle cat I’ve ever known. She asked for nothing. She got along with my dogs and cats, and let me hold her on my lap. Every evening, Cinderella would sit at the back door, watching for foxes and raccoons. I knew that she secretly longed to be outside. Last year, Cindy jumped out an open window. She returned to my backdoor the next day. I wept out of gratitude: not only was Cinderella safe, but she chose to come home. Cindy recently passed away from a heart attack, at the age of 9. My heart is broken but I am forever grateful to 4Paws and to the humans who saved her. Together, we gave Cinderella a wonderful life. She left me too soon but leaves us all with a miraculous story of hope and love.