Adopting a Cat

Before adopting a new pet, make sure you read through our guide to prepare for cat adoption. Preparedness includes the financial and lifestyle commitments to welcoming a new animal into your home.

We update our online adoption fair weekly with adorable cats and kittens in need of a loving home.

 If you are interested in caring for a litter of kittens, contact us at We can arrange for you to foster a pregnant cat or nursing shelter cat that is scheduled for euthanasia.

Adoption Fees

Our adoption fee is $175.00 for a sterilized cat. The adoption fee for an unsterilized cat is $200.00, which includes a $125 adoption fee and a $75 refundable sterilization deposit.

The adoption fee helps to offset the costs associated with getting a cat or kitten ready for adoption. These costs include leukemia and feline AIDS testing ($40-$60), deworming, a veterinary exam, rabies/distemper vaccinations ($20-$30 each), spaying ($90-$200) or neutering ($75-$140), supplies while with 4Paws (food, litter, bedding), and micro-chipping.

Important: Do not submit your fee payment with your application unless you are asked to do so by a 4Paws representative.

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Vaccines and Sterilization

All adoptable cats have been vaccinated prior to adoption, as appropriate for their age. Most cats have also been sterilized. While 4Paws does test the animals in our care for feline leukemia and disclose this status to potential adopters, we do NOT vaccinate for it.

As detailed above, if your cat requires vaccines and/or sterilization (spay or neuter) prior to adoption, this will already be included as a part of your adoption fee.

Our Matching Process

We may suggest another cat instead of the one you specified in your application, depending on your lifestyle and household. Our goal is to make the best match possible. We carefully consider each adoption applicant’s unique needs to make this happen.

Returns and Refunds

A cat rescued through 4Paws Rescue Team is a cat rescued for life. However, 4Paws will always accept back any cat or kitten previously adopted out through our program. You may return the cat to us, for any reason, for a refund if we are notified within 30 days of the adoption date. After this refund period, we will still accept any 4Paws cat back into our program.

As indicated in the adoption contract, if for any reason and at any point in the future you cannot keep the cat, you are REQUIRED to return the cat to 4Paws to rehome. This is part of the contractual agreement between you and 4Paws. To return an animal, you must call us at (703) 715-MEOW (6369) beforehand. Do not call a partner store adoption location. They have no authority or ability to accept a cat on behalf of 4Paws or issue a refund.