Cat Vaccination and Medical Schedule

Sometimes it is difficult to keep track of what vaccines and medial care your kitten/cat needs by their age. We’ve taken all the guess work away. Based on your kitten’s lifestyle and location, your veterinarian may recommend a different vaccination timeline. You should schedule a veterinarian appointment for your new kitten/cat as soon as possible after you adopt them. Your veterinarian will be able to check for any fleas, ticks, mites, or any other health concerns.

AgeVet work
6-7 weeksFVRCP Round 1
8 Weeks (or before adoptionDistemper Vaccination Round 1
Fecal test
FELV/FIV combo test
Wellness exam
10 weeksFVRCP Round 2
12 weeksDistemper Vaccination Round 2
13 WeeksFVRCP Round 3
16-19 WeeksRabies
FVRCP Round 4
Distemper Vaccination Round 3
5-6 monthsSpay/Neuter
1 year +Rabies