Adoption Fairs and Events

4Paws Rescue Team Adoption Fairs and Events

4Paws is processing an unusually high number of applications. But, we welcome new adopters and fosters! Virtual meet and greets are available via FaceTime or Google Hangouts. You can also meet some of our adoptable felines at Meow’s Corner Cat Cafe.

Some 4Paws Rescue Team adoption fairs are now scheduled for 2024. See the below table for information.  Our cats are also coming back to our partnering pet stores, including the Petco locations in Alexandria, Burke, Fairfax, Manassas, and Sterling, Virginia.

2024 Adoption Fairs

Date and TimeStore LocationStore Phone
June 22, 9am – 1pmPet Medical Center Springfield703-454-8189
July 14, 1-4pmPetco Sterling571- 434-6562
July 27, 1-5pmPetco Fairfax703-352-3300
August 11, 1-4pmPetco Sterling571- 434-6562
August 17, 1-5pmPetco Fairfax703-352-3300
September 15, 1-4pmPetco Sterling571- 434-6562
September 21, 1-5pmPetco Fairfax703-352-3300
October 13, 1-4pmPetco Sterling571- 434-6562
October 26, 1-5pmPetco Fairfax703-352-3300
November 17, 1-4pmPetco Sterling571- 434-6562
November 23, 1-5pmPetco Fairfax703-352-3300
December 8, 1-4pmPetco Sterling571- 434-6562
December 21, 1-5pmPetco Fairfax703-352-3300
Neither cats nor kittens are sent to their new homes on the day of the fair. It usually takes 4-5 days to process the application before the cat can go to his or her adoptive home.  Please fill out an application in order to get pre-approved.

Know Before You Go

Between 10 and 30 cats and kittens are shown for adoption at each fair, with the larger fairs occurring April through October.

Cats temporarily live in foster homes while waiting for their permanent furever homes. Adoption applicants may have the opportunity to handle the cats and meet the foster parents at fairs. Fosters can provide additional insight into a cat’s habits and personality.

If you meet a kitten or cat that you want to adopt, complete an application and contract and follow our steps towards adoption. We ask that you pay the adoption fee when submitting your application at the fair to “put a hold” on your preferred cat. Fees vary. If your application is not approved, your check is returned to you.

It usually takes 4-5 days to process the application before the cat can go to his or her adoptive home. To accelerate the process, email a completed application and contract to us a few days before the fair. 

Aluminum Can Recycling Events

If you feed your cats with food from aluminum cans or consume beverages from aluminum cans, please rinse them and save them for 4Paws!

Our aluminum can recycling program raises much needed funds to help feed cats in store cages and pay vet bills.

On any of the dates listed above, place them by the trailer behind the Petco store by 3 pm on the above dates. Cans can only be left behind the store on a collection date. They cannot be left overnight. Cans with food residue cannot be accepted

Date and TimeStore LocationStore Phone
July 27, before 3 pmPetco Fairfax703-352-3300
August 17, before 3 pmPetco Fairfax703-352-3300
September 21, before 3 pmPetco Fairfax703-352-3300
October 26, before 3 pmPetco Fairfax703-352-3300
November 23, before 3 pmPetco Fairfax703-352-3300
December 21, before 3 pmPetco Fairfax703-352-3300
Cans can only be deposited on a collection date. They cannot be left overnight.

If you are not sure if you have an aluminum product, try sticking a magnet to it. Magnets do not stick to aluminum but will stick to steel. Any clean aluminum product will do, including:

  • Disposable pans
  • Food-free takeout containers
  • Rinsed soda cans
  • Unused pieces of tinfoil
  • Cat food tin (paper label removed)