4Paws Rescue Team Adopt,Donate,Pet Wellbeing 2023 Message from the President: Barbara Lipson

2023 Message from the President: Barbara Lipson

Established in October 2005, 4Paws has been rescuing homeless cats and kittens for 18 years. During that time, we have found loving homes for nearly 12,400 cats and kittens that were rescued from neighborhood streets, high-kill animal shelters, and owners who could no longer care for their pets.

In 2020 4Paws began partnering with rescuers in Kuwait. Volunteers who are located in Kuwait, rescue cats and kittens from trash sites, provide basic vet care, and transport them to the United States where 4Paws is able to take over, providing more extensive vet work, and then finding homes for these cats. Many of them have severe dental issues that require dental cleanings or, in some cases, full mouth extractions.

In Kuwait, at the Friday Market, cats are set up in cages outside, rain or shine, often times in sweltering heat. The cats on display are not provided any food or water for the entire day. At the end of the day, if they are not purchased, the cats are thrown out in the trash. This year alone, we have rescued and found home for 127 cats from Kuwait (see Bumba and Lea).

Still, 4Paws focuses our primary efforts on rescuing cats from neighborhood streets and local high-kill animal shelters. In 2023, we found homes for 107 strays and 149 cats from local animal shelters. Before adoption, each cat receives combo test, rabies and distemper shots, spay or neuter, is treated for worms and fleas, and given a microchip. In total, we spent $335,000 on vet services, medical supplies, and pet supplies for our rescued cats. The more money we are able to raise, the more cats we can save.

Best wishes for the holiday season,

Barbara Lipson,
President, 4Paws Rescue Team

Still Waiting…

At 4Paws our adoption contract requires adopters to return a cat that they can no longer care for. No matter how long ago the adoption, no matter the reason for return, every cat that comes to the 4Paws Rescue Team is our responsibility for life. We currently have three cats that have been waiting far too long to find their forever families. Click on their picture to learn more about them or start an adoption application.


Beacon is really just a big goofball and a little awkward when he plays. He has a tendency to fall off furniture and run into walls because he’s so focused on his toys! But he keeps coming back for more fun! His favorite toy is a feather wand and jumps up and down if you flap it for him! He loves his family but they get a little annoyed with him. He could be adopted with his sister, Briar Rose (who tolerates him best), or with another cat to keep him company. He may be ok as a single cat as well if he’s given plenty of attention. He would prefer no small children or dogs, and humans who understand how cats can be.


She has been with 4Paws for 3 years and hates adoption fairs. In her foster home, she is interactive, likes to be pet and is talkative. At the fairs, she temporarily displays these traits until she is poked one time too many, and then turns into a grumpy-lady. Her ideal adopter will be patient and wait to gain a level of trust and comfort before approaching her. In fact the first interaction in her new home should be by invitation only. Francesca eats well and faithfully uses litter box. She needs to be an only cat. We do not know how she would do with a dog. At 5 years old, she is still very playful — turning any object she finds into a chase toy. Sparkly balls that make noise are her favorite, along with mice stuffed with cat nip. This pretty girl is tired of being stuck in a room by herself for days on end, and is sooo ready for her own home.


He was adopted as a kitten and now three years later has been returned because the adopter has encountered financial hardships and cannot afford his care. Trousers is playful, loving and very social with people and other cats. Currently, he is being fostered as an only pet, but constantly seeks a friend to play with. He will cuddle and politely tug your arm for a pat on the head. He likes to be held but will let you know when he is ready to get down. Trousers has a few manageable health issues. He eats prescription food to balance his pH level and avoid any accumulation of crystals in his urinary tract. He is asthmatic, which is controlled with a daily prednisolone pill that he eats in a pill pocket. Ideally, he will eventually be weaned off the prednisolone and the asthma will be treated with an inhaler.