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Foster Volunteer Spotlight: Ashley Motley

Zaater came into 4Paws from Kuwait and was diagnosed with Dry FIP. Under Ashley’s care, Zaater braved treatment that consisted of nearly 100 consecutive days of daily shots and pills. As well as being a trooper for many rounds of bloodwork, after 100 days of treatment Zaater then had to have 84 days of observation, along with several more rounds of bloodwork before he was given the all clear! 

Although Zaater will be closely monitored for the remainder of his life, he is considered cured from what used to be a completely fatal illness!

Ashley started fostering because she saw the huge need for foster homes due to her job at a vet clinic. She got to see the daily need and the dedication of the current fosters before she joined! Ashley said she couldn’t imagine she’d get so much from her very first foster cat. She said that he’s so deserving of this second chance. In Ashley’s words describing Zaater: 

I would definitely like his immensely loving personality to be mentioned. I’ve said from the start, he is a gift. I’ve never met a cat as outgoing and friendly. Or one that has bounced back so easily from being on the brink of succumbing to such a relentless illness. He’s playful, inquisitive, kind and wants nothing more than the time spent with him to cuddle and keep him company. ❤️ 

Zaater is no longer with Ashley because he has been adopted! See photos below of him with his forever family.