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Volunteer Spotlight: Joanne Herrman

Foster and Transportation Volunteer

I am a three time failed foster mother. The first is Tori (above), a very sick beautiful gray cat. She had multiple infections; all but her canines had to be pulled and she had trouble digesting food. It took some time for her to come out of her shell but now she is such a lover and likes to sleep under the covers with me. She is the BOSS! How could I give her up?

Secret Agent 81

Next is Secret Agent 81 (above) who I met when I volunteered for 4PAWS to take her to her dental appointments. She was found as a kitten on route 81 with a severely fractured jaw requiring multiple surgeries and also losing multiple teeth – nothing slows her down though, and she has blossomed into a beautiful young lady. Couldn’t give her up.


My most recent failure is Jessie (above), a feral kitten that took some time to get used to humans. She also bonded with Secret Agent 81, and they are inseparable. She follows me everywhere and loves it when I get into bed so she can bite my toes! 

I thank 4PAWS for all the good work they do. I am now up to 5 cats and love them all!