4Paws Rescue Team Volunteer Spotlight Volunteer Spotlight: Khang Vanky

Volunteer Spotlight: Khang Vanky

I have always had an affinity for senior cats because I know that they are often overlooked in shelters. It is quite common to have kittens get adopted within hours of availability, yet senior cats may take months or even years to find a home. My home is considered the feline senior living for cats, because I only adopt and foster cats with double digit ages. Senior cats hold a special place in my heart because they have a calm and wise present about them. They are so appreciative of being rescued.

It is always a celebration when one of my senior fosters gets adopted by a new family. Boo Boo is my current fospice (foster hospice) cat from 4Paws. She has end stage kidney disease; however she is a real trooper. Boo Boo (pictured right) softly bats her wand toys and then lies to expose her belly after eating a good meal. Each day she teaches me how precious time is.

People ask me how I can take the emotional roller coaster of caring for a fospice. It gives me great satisfaction that my fospice is having their best last months in my quiet and warm home, rather than languish in a shelter. It fills my heart that I am a part of each senior foster’s journey to their new family or with me for their remaining time. For me, this is my purpose. 

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