Foster Spotlight: Petrol

Petrol was found at a gas station in rural Maryland. He was covered with oil and was desperate to be rescued. A volunteer heard him meowing loudly from the side of the station. When she went to say hi, he followed her back to the car. The volunteer brought him home and gave him a bath, which he tolerated very well. While bathing him, a large lump was discovered on his leg. The vet removed the lump and analysis determined that it was fibro sarcoma. This type of cancer has a 30-60% chance of recurring in the same spot. His oncologist recommended amputation of the leg to give him the best chance of keeping it from recurring. Because he is a senior, 4Paws decided that a holistic approach might be more appropriate. He is currently taking herbal supplements to help boost his immune system and reduce inflammation in hopes of preventing a recurrence. He must remain on a canned diet but is willing to eat almost anything you offer him. In addition, he has early kidney disease and is on a prescription diet.

It’s heartbreaking that Petrol has been through so much although you would never know it when you meet him. He is the sweetest and friendliest cat you will ever meet! He is very outgoing and confident and will walk up to total strangers looking to make a new friend. He loves to snuggle and is a total lap cat. He sleeps right next to his foster mom and any time she moves, he moves so that he is touching her again. Petrol is very vocal and lets you know whenever he needs something. He enjoys batting toy mice around and loves to chase the string on a stick. He is a great traveler and has no problems getting in his carrier and going for car rides. Everyone who meets Petrol comments on how incredibly sweet he is, he purrs even at the vet offices. Nothing really seems to bother him except for other cats. He is aggressive towards other cats so he must be adopted in a household with no other cats and with no intentions of ever having a second cat. He would be fine with children of any age and even seems to enjoy having dogs around. His foster mom thinks he may have been raised with a dog and probably identifies as a dog.

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