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Rescues Working Together To Save Lives

Adopted! Ohio kitten Cali

Can three delightful kittens be trapped and then find their way from Ohio to Virginia? Were they destined for a happy life as indoor cats with the help of one dedicated mom and a network of 4Paws volunteers? Yes, they were! Meet the person who works hard to help as many feral cats and kittens in Ohio as possible and who helped bring hope for a better life to these fabulous kittens! 

Adopted! Heidi (Calico) and Mitzi (gray)

Next, meet the three Ohio kittens who made their way to Virginia. One kitten arrived in November 2020. The second kitten arrived in December 2020. The third kitten arrived in January 2021. The first two kittens were adopted together!  The third was adopted last week. This is what teamwork and the commitment of dedicated volunteers across different states and geographies can do.