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What is the Friday Market?

Every Friday, in Kuwait City there is a market where live animals of any variety are sold. This market is unregulated and animals often end up suffering. Kuwait has lenient cruelty laws and many of these animals are purchased in order to be tortured, killed, or abandoned in the desert, and die horrible deaths.

Animals are kept outside in small cages, in 140° F heat, without food or water. Volunteers in Kuwait go to the market weekly to save whatever animals they can. Starving and dehydrated, cats of all breeds and ages are found dumped in the trash and left for dead. These on-the-ground volunteers in Kuwait, try their best to bring the cats back from the brink of death. Those that survive are flown to the United States to find loving homes.

This year 4Paws rescued 86 of these precious cats for a total of 118 in two years. Many have extensive medical problems— dental issues, skin diseases, deformed limbs, and infectious diseases. 4Paws has spent thousands of dollars improving the lives and health of cats rescued from the Friday Market.

Some cats are still looking for foster homes. Check all available cats with the last name “Kuwait” to see pictures and profiles of our Kuwaiti cats that need foster (or permanent) homes here.

Tiny and Mini

If you have a spare room to foster one of these cats, please contact us at info@fourpaws.org.