Barn Cats

Some of our work is dedicated to rescuing feral cats destined for euthanasia from rural shelters or cats that would prefer not to be adopted into homes. We call these barn cats. We rescue them and place them in homes where they can be fed and cared for in an outdoor building (barn, garage, insulated shed, or commercial warehouse).

These cats are delivered to their new homes with all supplies needed to start their relocation process. They have no adoption fee and are fully vaccinated and spayed/neutered. Your new barn cats will earn their keep by helping to control the rodent population, and you’ll be saving a feline life (or two!).

View the current barn cats in need of placement here. Or see list below.

See some photos below of a recent barn home placement. They will have shelter in the barn and company by the rest of the farm animals.

Current Barn Cat Needing Homes

Barn Cats for Hire

Barn Cats for Hire

If you know a cat lover who keeps horses, has a barn that needs a mouser, or an outdoor space such as a shed or garage? Consider one of our barn cats!

We rescue feral cats destined for euthanasia from rural shelters and find barn homes for them as well as cats that are too shy and skittish to be adopted into homes. We take care of the vaccinations, sterilize these animals, but they are often not able to return to their original location due to a number of dangers.

There is no adoption fee for these cats and 4Paws will deliver them to you with some food and supplies to start off with.

If you are interested in providing a barn home to any of the cats below please contact

Current Barn Cats Available

Disclaimer: 4Paws is not able to accept feral cats for relocation. The only cats that we accept into our barn cat program are feral cats from public shelters that do not offer a community cat or TNR program, and would otherwise be euthanized. 

Feral cats, like other wild animals, should not be removed from the homes they are familiar and comfortable with. If you are located in Fairfax County, please contact the Fairfax County animal shelter for information on their community cat program. If you are located elsewhere, please check with your local shelter, humane society, or SPCA for trap/neuter/return programs and please check Alley Cat Allies website to learn about how you can build a safe outdoor shelter for feral cats you care for.