4Paws Rescue Team Volunteer Spotlight Volunteer Spotlight: Shelley Rappaport

Volunteer Spotlight: Shelley Rappaport

One of the perks of my recent career break was the reminder that I am energized by helping animals. Years ago, I was a 4Paws Petco volunteer, and now, I hope to put my consulting skills to use through the volunteer newsletter.

Over a decade ago, I found 4Paws when I was looking for a cat-panion. I gravitate to older cats or those who don’t appear “perfect.” My first adoption was Smokey, an eight-year-old cat, in 2013. Last year after a great decade with Smokey, we adopted Buddy (formerly known as Seven). He’s nine years old and has scarred eyes from a previous infection. But you would never know any of that! He’s a rambunctious kitten crossed with an affectionate lap cat. Every night he grooms my hands before bed and begins my hair washing or face massage around 2am. Hopefully his nightly rituals don’t impact my ability to meaningfully contribute to the newsletter!